Safe Driving
Training on the road (BBS) , all vehicles

Unfortunately, once obtained the driving licence drivers tend to lose the correct way of driving, as well as not being kept informed about the most recent modifications of the driveability’s regulations. These two aspects are very important especially when a critical situation occurs, and they increase risks both for us and other people.

Our class addresses to all drivers of all categories. The aim is to keep up-to-date their knowledge about road traffic, to identify and correct their potential bad habits gained during the time and to develop their ability to drive in a safe, ecological and precautionary way.

During the training, thanks to the interaction with other participants we offer you the chance to test your driving style. Through practical experience, ideas exchange and professional instructors’ advices, we teach you the correct driving style that, thanks to the use of the techniques mentioned in the introductive section, will let you to increase personal and collective safety.

Used vehicles:
BMW 2 Series / Private car

Training duration:
From 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

CHF 580.00 per person

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