Safe Driving
Skid control, heavy vehicles

A heavy vehicle is characterised by a mass considerably larger than a normal car. That is the reason why, whether the vehicle is out of control, the movement of that mass could generate huge physical forces, which could cause serious consequences for the driver and the motorists.

Our training addresses to all drivers, private and professionals, of heavy vehicles. The aim is to teach the participant the knowledge and abilities necessary to guarantee safety for his own and the others, as well as to safeguard the reputation of his company by avoiding unpleasant circumstances.

During the training we simulate the potential road critical situations. Thanks to our instructors’ assistance and to artificial surfaces which offer the same slippery snow-clad pavement, the participant can test his own abilities to control the vehicle and improve them, in order to feel more confident even in case of bad weather conditions.

Used vehicles:
Private vehicles/school vehicles (on request)

From 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

CHF 580.00 per person

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