Safe Driving
Basic training - light vehicles

Safety is an essential aspect for those who drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver not always has the necessary knowledge and abilities in order to guarantee it in case of unforeseen danger or bad weather conditions.

Our class addresses to all drivers, private and professionals, of light vehicles and vans. The aim is to teach the participant all the various characteristics of modern vehicles and allow him to test his own capacity to control the vehicle, even in case of unforeseen event. The training also aims to teach the correct behaviour to adopt in order to foresee and hasten a potential critical situation.

During the training you can test your driving level through the simulation of critical road events. Each participant brings his own vehicle for the training in order to test its behaviour and reliability, as well as to experiment its safety electronical devices. The practical tests are carried out at different speeds and on surfaces which simulate a wet, snow-clad and dry pavement.

Used vehicles:
Private vehicle / school vehicle (on request)

From 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

CHF 380.00 per person

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