Safe Driving
Defensive and Protective Driving Course

The transport of valuable cargo or important people, such as corporate executives, requires extremely skilled drivers, who always have to guarantee the full safety. It is important that drivers can handle any kind of potential threat in three possible contexts: road traffic, attacks from criminal organisations and events or reprisals.

Our class addresses to all professional drivers who transport important people or valuable goods. The aim is to improve the participant’s ability to control the vehicle and to handle unforeseen dangers.

The training takes place at our school and the participant can try to handle himself through different critical situations. He can take on unexpected events and practice at different speeds on artificial surfaces that simulate a dry, wet and snow-clad pavement.

This allows the participant to develop the necessary automatisms to consciously handle the potential threats.

During the training we also test the driver’s behaviour on the road. Thanks to an instructor’s assistance, we teach the safe-driving techniques, essential to guarantee full safety. We also teach the participant the differences between a common motorists and a professional driver.

Used vehicle:
BMW 2 Series / private vehicle

3 days

Provided on request

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