Safe Driving
Skid control - light vehicles

Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with electronic safety systems.
Unfortunately, the drivers are rarely conscious about the way they work and their efficacy and limits.

Our class addresses to all drivers, professionals and privates, of light vehicles. The aim is to teach the theoretical and practical aspects about the safety systems’ working principles and to develop the automatisms necessary in order to correctly react in case of unforeseen events, for example an unexpected obstacle.

We also teach the driver the correct behaviour to adopt in order to foresee and hasten the potential critical situation.

During the training we simulate the potential road critical situations and conditions. Thanks to our instructors’ assistance and to artificial surfaces which offer the same slippery snow-clad pavement, the participant can test his own abilities to control the vehicle and improve them, in order to feel more confident even in case of bad weather conditions.

Used vehicles:
BMW 2 series

From 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

CHF 380.00 per person

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